Signs of climate change are visible right here in North Carolina.

Seasons of Change is an interactive traveling exhibit that illustrates how climate change is impacting the landscape of North Carolina over the changing of the seasons. As you explore the exhibit, you’ll get a chance to: find out how climate change is affecting the people of North Carolina; share your thoughts about what aspects you might miss most about North Carolina’s current climate; compare coastal flooding today with projections for the year 2100; control a global climate change simulation; and a whole lot more.

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Seasons of Change is coming to a town near you! The exhibit kicks off its tour of North Carolina in November, 2011 at SciWorks in Winston-Salem. Check the touring schedule below to plan your visit.

Touring Schedule 2010

November, 2011-February, 2012
Winston-Salem, NC

March-May, 2012
Granville County Museum
Oxford, NC

Beyond May, 2012

Planning Your Visit

All dates and locations are subject to change. Please check directly with your local museum or science center for exact dates when planning your visit.

Contact Information

For additional information about the exhibit, please contact:

Stephen Saucier, North Carolina Grassroots Science Museums Collaborative
Richard Polonsky, Brown University